financial protocol
Unlock financial potential with fixed-term liquidity: generate yield, borrow assets, and develop apps.
Cross-chain Lending
APY protocol offers fixed-term lending on over 20 chains
Can lend and borrow assets using their preferred blockchains
Cross-chain interoperability
Orderbook to match requests
Efficiently matching lend & borrow
orders for assets and time periods
  • Based on SolanaBased on Ton
  • Based on SolanaComing soon Solana
  • Aptos Coming soon Coming soon Aptos
Orderbook to match requests
Flexible loan
term management
Follow the market terms or take control into your own hands.
Lend or borrow funds based on market rates to achieve investment goals faster:
  • The protocol will accurately calculate the current market’s prevailing rate
  • At this rate, your borrow or lend request will be executed instantly
Set out the exact lend or borrow terms and put money to work in a certain way:
  • Indicate the exact rate and maturity period for your lend or borrow
  • OrderBook will match you with an appropriate counterparty
Enhanced convenience for retail investors
  • Withdrawal before maturity
    Liquidity providers can repurchase lent funds before maturity. You'll receive the funds back but earn no interest
    Return deposit at any time
  • Automated lend/borrow system
    Configure your lending and borrowing requests to auto-reroll after maturity
    Automated lend/borrow system
Cross-collateral loan
Cover debts with various assets in your portfolio, including those that are lent out
  • Borrow one
    type of asset
    Borrow one type of asset
  • Pay back with
    other assets
    Pay back with other assets
Risk management
A robust risk management system that ensures the return of funds to lenders
Determines the loan's risk level based on the current value of assets in the portfolio
Initial Loan-to-Value
Displays the collateral assets' value that must be acquired in the event of a portfolio liquidation
Reset Loan-to-Value
Displays the Loan-to-Value ratio at which a portfolio will be liquidated
Critical Loan-to-Value
Assets from liquidated portfolios are sold at a discounted rate, depending on the position amount
Liquidation discount
Margin trading
Unlock higher leverage and open short/long positions
Choose an asset to borrow from the list of available APY assets
Borrow the available stablecoin and purchase the target asset through the integrated DEX
Open margin positions with cross-collateral leverage
APY nodes maintain the protocol
Nodes are central to the protocol’s system.
They ensure its efficient operation via:
  • Keeping the OrderBook up-to-date
  • Updating asset order prices from oracles feed
  • Fulfilling reroll calls for automated orders
To maintain the protocol, nodes are required to stake APY tokens
For sustaining the protocol’s operations, nodes receive rewards in APY tokens
APY Token
  • Add/Remove assets to the protocol
  • Change risk parameters of assets
  • Bounty programs
  • Liquidity incentives program
  • Protocol fees changes
  • Reduce fees for trading on DEX
  • Reduce fees for lend/borrow assets
  • Staking